5 Gallons Bottle Light Blue PC

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5 Gallons Bottle Light Blue PC


Product Description
 PC Material 5 Gallon Water Bottle

5 Gallon Bottle Description

*750 g -780g New Polycarbonate material
*High quality
*5 Gallon Volume
*Customised printing and logo
*Extrusion blow molding and Injection Stretch Blow Molding Bottle for choosingPC Bottle Features:

All of our bottles are made of 100% New PC(polycarbonate) material. Our PC raw materials are all imported brands, such as Mitsubishi from Japan, Bayer from France, LG from South Korea, etc. Besides, We have both extrusion blow molding bottles and injection stretch blow molding bottles for your choosing. We can also accept customize mold for clients and printing logos etc.

5 gallon polycarbonate bottle, 5-gallon plastic water bottles , 18.9l polycarbonate bottle


1. 100% New PC material
2. High quality
3. 5 Gallon Volume

4. High transparence
5. Customized printing and logo
6. Various models for choosing

5 Gallon Bottle Packaging & Shipping
We use polybags to package the bottles. Regarding shipping, we recommend sea shipping, due to the volume is large.


ShineDew Brand Story
I am a Machinist from the 21st century. This age is developing so fast, now my mom is the first economy in the world. More and more machinery instead of human, people feel free and enjoy holidays. They say I don’t know love, I don’t know to relax, I don’t know to enjoy life. Once I asked myself many times, what is the most important in the world? Until I meet that…..In a poor mountain village, there are many kind and innocent kids, they don’t have a good education, without hope, and drinking water is very difficult for them, so I bring water to them. can never forget those days, kids say I bring hope and future to them. I feel very satisfied when I see smiles on their face full of happiness. Water gives us life, water gives us the future.

Now I know the most important are sunshine, hope, water, and life. Suddenly I understand why my mom named me ShineDew. Sunshine warms the world and brings vitality to all things, dew moistens the earth and makes all life grow. Mom, I know what is LOVE!



1. What is the loading quantity of 20 feet container and 40 feet container.(1) For 20″ GP: 1000pcs

(2) For 40″ HQ: 2420pcs

2. What is the comparison between our extrusion blow molding bottle(EBM) and injection stretch blow molding bottle(ISBM)?

(1) ISBM PC bottle has no loss of material since it is no leftover material that needs to be removed. While EBM PC bottle needs the raw materials first, then extrusion blows mold and finally trim the leftover material.

(2) ISBM PC bottle has a very low damage rate of 0.3% (3‰ ) within 4 years of service life. While EBM bottles may be damaged about 2 years of service life, and the damage rate of EBM PC bottles is 2% (20‰).

(3) ISBM PC bottle is more durable. It can stand about 4-5 meters fall down with full water, and it will not be damaged but out of shape to some degree. While EBM PC bottle only can stand not more than 3 meters fall dow.

(4) ISBM PC bottle is more transparent than the EBM PC bottle.

(5) ISBM PC bottle has a stable weight of 780g±10g, while the EBM PC bottle has a bottle weight range of 750±10g.


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