Brine Tank 300 Liters

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Brine Tank 300 Liters


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100L Brine Tank

Brine Tank Specifications

Model BT200
Volume 200L
Brine Tank Size (D H) 382*382*880mm
Carton Box Packing (W D H) 405*405*1530mm
Plastic Bag Packing (W D H) 425*425*1550mm
Packing 5pcs/pack
Standard Specification Brine Well, Grid


  1. Due to the conic body, brine tanks can be packed one by one to any height, which saves over 70% freight for the buyers.
  2. For brine tanks 350L-2000L, each tank is designed with a small lid on a large cover. It is more convenient for users to put salt into the tank.
  3. For brine tanks 350-2000, the salt well in the tank is extended upward to the top of the large cover, so that the effective capacity of the salt solution is increased by over 15%.
  4. For new exterior design and precise mold, the quality of the product has been greatly improved.


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