4000GPD RO System (Puritech)

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4000GPD RO System (Puritech)

PURITECH compact Industrial reverse osmosis system is a durable piece of equipment that, with proper care and maintenance will last for many years. The systems are part of a family of reverse osmosis units designed for operation with fresh and brackish feedwaters having TDS values below 1,500ppm. Models are available with permeate outputs of between 150 and 1,000 litres/hr as shown in the specifications.


4000 GPD RO System | 500 Litres Per hour Industrial RO System

4000GPD RO System (Puritech)

Besides focusing on quality, a device needs to pay more attention to the dimension of the device and reduce the space for use.
The dimension is large in the market and the volume can reach 65.5*55*131CM. Because the dimension is heavier than the weight where the freight is calculated according to the dimension and more expensive. Ocpuritech is sensitive to the need to respond to high freight charges and redesigned the RO host. The rack has been changed from the original 38cm*38cm to 25cm*25cm. Now the dimension of the RO main host can reach 50cm x 60cm x 130cm, which is 40% smaller than the water treatment system on the market. We also have more compact spacers for parts, components, and smaller racks, which now have less material. Because we redesigned the frame and component construction, saving materials, and lower cost than conventional products. This RO water plant is especially suitable for customers who are sensitive to the product price and freight and also want to develop new markets with a lower investment of costs.
Although the structure of the product is redesigned, it does not affect the performance of the RO water plant, and it can maintain the same salt rejection rate, service life, and recovery rate as conventional products. The RO salt rate of this RO host can reach 99%, so we don’t have to worry about the purity of the water produced. The quality of the RO membrane plays a decisive role in water quality. We choose the internationally renowned brand DOW and VONTRON RO membrane to ensure the stability of water quality and its service life can be up to 2-3 years. RO membrane can effectively remove heavy metals, metal ions, bacterial viruses, etc. and the water can be directly consumed. The recovery rate is a value for adjusting the ratio of purified water to wastewater. The general recovery rate is set in the range of 45%-50%, but in fact, this recovery rate can also be adjusted by ourselves because we have set a regulating valve on the concentrated water pipeline.
The flow rate of this Industrial reverse osmosis system water plant is 250lph. After a large number of consumers survey, 250lph is the water mostly used by families or villas. It will not cause the excessive flow to lead to energy consumption and insufficient water consumption due to too little flow. And this RO water plant redesigned the appearance, the manufacturing cost is lower and the selling price is lower. This cheap RO water plant is especially popular in Africa. We have produced hundreds of machines and sold them to a dealer to open up the market. At the same time, we will equip the RO host with some parts, you can get the goods in 7 days at the earliest. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.

4000 GPD RO System | 500 Litres Per hour Industrial RO System
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Product Specification:

  • Feed Water TDS: <1500ppm
  • Recovery Rate: 34-75%
  • Vessel Array: 1:1
  • Vessel Size: 4040 x 2
  • Permeate Flow Rate (GPD/LPM): 2.1/7.9 Feed Connection: 3/4” FNPT
  • Permeate Connection: 1/2” Concentrate Connection: 1/2”
  • Flush Connection: 1/2”
  • Pump Type & Motor HP: Multistage 2HP
  • Gross Dimension (cm): 69 x 63 147
  • Gross Weight (kg): 88

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

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Curated Products
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Standard features of The Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems

This is the conventional system. It is operated with manual flushing.

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Benefits Of The Industrial Reverse Osmosis System

Available Options

  • RO membranes available with brands of Filmtec, Hydranautics, Vontron, and Toray FRP membrane vessel
  • Grundfos multistage pump
  • CNP multistage pump
  • Concentrate recycling flow meter Provision for CIP
S/NNameMaterialService life
1Precision filterPP,CTO3-6 months
2RO membrane Vontron/Dow/CSM etc;2-3 years

* Minimum recovery rate is calculated based on no concentrate recirculation, it is possible to increase the overall recovery rate by increasing the concentrate circulation flow.
** Permeate flow rate can vary depending on the type of membrane, raw water quality, and recovery rate.


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